Call for Abstracts

An abstract with an 800 word limit
60 or 90 minutes including discussion time
Maximum number of presenters: chairperson and 3 – 5 presenters

The symposium leader will submit an abstract, outlining the unifying symposium theme(s) followed by an abstract of each individual paper within the symposium.  The symposium is designed to take an organised approach to the selected topic that is relevant to family experiences, practice issues, systems of care, interventions or a specific health related topic.  The symposium leader moderates the discussion.   You need to select 60 or 90 minutes option in your proposal.  

Abstracts are accepted on the following conditions:

Presenters must register and pay for the conference.

The Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse any paper, symposium, workshop, roundtable discussion or poster. Their decisions on abstracts and awards will be final. The committee is not obligated to provide feedback to authors regarding final decisions.

The submission deadline is October 31st, 2018